Who is Umpod? A team of lawyers, psychologists and other professionals, working together to help children with international families.

That’s us!

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What do we do?

Most often, we help families deal with such complicated issues as where a child is going to live, how often a child will see their parents, or how to secure child support payments. We also look for adoptive parents abroad for children who don’t have their own family. You will find more information about specific cases in the “What are some ways we can help you?” section.

What are some ways we can help you

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Who do we work with?

When we deal with a case, we always try to cooperate with:

  • The child – we write to them and sometimes meet with them; we talk to them and try to find out what they need
  • The parents – we ask them a lot of questions, and we share tips and experience with them
  • Social workers, who are often closer to the children than we are
  • The courts who decide on issues related to children
  • Authorities and organisations in other countries
  • Anyone else whose job it is to help international families
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Why do we do this work?

We want children to feel as good as possible even if they are in a difficult situation.

Every child in the world has rights, and we respect them. We want children to have enough information to be able to say what they think.

In our work, we follow Czech laws, European regulations, and international treaties. Within these rules, we try to help every child the best we can.