The child has the right to know their parents and has the right to their care.

  • I don’t have my dad’s name written in my birth certificate. What can I do?
  • Do I need to have both parents registered in my birth certificate?
  • Does my mum have to tell me who my real dad is?

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Klára’s story (age 12)

Klára wanted to meet her dad. She had never seen him, and her mum didn’t know much about him. Klára’s dad is a foreigner, and he broke up with her mum before Klára was born. Because Klára’s mum and dad weren’t married when Klára was born, only Klára’s mum was listed on her birth certificate. […]

Klára told her mum that she wished to see her dad. But her mum had not been in contact with her dad for more than twelve years and had almost no information about him. Since Klára’s mum knew that her dad lived abroad, she turned to Umpod to ask what she could do so that Klára could have her father listed on her birth certificate and could meet him in the future.

Umpod informed Klára’s mum that in order for the paternity to be determined and Klára’s dad to be registered in her birth certificate, she needed to file a petition with the court. Klára’s mum filed this petition and told the court and Umpod as much information as she could remember about Klára’s dad. Based on this information, Umpod managed to find her dad’s address and contact him.

Klára’s dad was a little surprised at first, but in the end he was very glad that Klára wanted to get to know him. Their first meeting was over Skype, because Klára’s dad lived far away and Klára was a bit shy at the beginning. But since Klára’s dad agreed to be listed on Klára’s birth certificate, the court soon arranged a hearing. And since Klára’s dad had to come to the Czech Republic because of the hearing, they also planned a meeting with him. Klára’s dad was listed on Klára’s birth certificate, and Klára has been in regular contact with him since then.

Not every case can be solved as easily as Klára’s. Unfortunately, there are also dads who don’t want to be listed on the birth certificate and who refuse all contact with their child. In such cases, everything is more complicated, and the court proceedings last longer.

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Every person has – or had – a mum and a dad – the people who brought them to the world.

Every child should receive a birth certificate, which, in addition to their name and other information about them, says who their mum and dad are.

It’s usually pretty clear who a child’s mum is. The law says that the mother is the woman who gave birth to the child. But determining the child’s dad might be more complicated.

Sometimes, a child’s dad is not named on the birth certificate, and in other cases, the birth certificate may name a man who is not in fact the child’s dad. It’s important for the information on the birth certificate to be true, so Czech law is specific about what to do in these cases.

If your dad is not listed on your birth certificate, there are several ways to get him listed there (in other words, to prove his paternity). If, on the other hand, the birth certificate isn’t correct because someone who isn’t really your dad is listed there, the law also says what should be done to remove this man from your birth certificate (in other words, to deny his paternity).

If you, your mum, or your dad are foreigners, or any of you live in a foreign country, Umpod might be able to help you if it is necessary to prove or deny paternity.

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Determining paternity

You might have a man other than your real dad listed on your birth certificate. Often this is because your mother lives with your real dad, but she hasn’t divorced her husband, who she lived with before she met your dad. In that case, your mum or her husband may petition the court to deny paternity to the man listed on your birth certificate. Once the decision on denying paternity is made, your true dad can be listed on your birth certificate.

Every case is a bit different. If you’re wondering what might happen in your case, the best thing to do is contact us directly.

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Denying the paternity

Sometimes it happens that the child has another man listed on his birth certificate than his real dad. Often this is because your mum lives with your dad but she hasn’t divorced her husband who she had lived with before she met your dad. In that case, your mum or her husband may petition the court to decide to deny paternity. Once the decision on denying the paternity is made, your true dad can be listed on your birth certificate.

Yet, every case is a bit different, so everything around can look a little different. The best idea is to contact us directly.