It may happen that you don’t like something Umpod has done, or how we’ve done it. In such cases, it is good to know how to send a complaint and how it will be received.

How can I file a complaint?

You can file a complaint online

You can file a complaint online with this

interactive form

You can send an email

You can also send an email to:

You can mail a complaint

You can mail a complaint to this address:

Office for International Legal Protection of Children
(Úřad pro mezinárodněprávní ochranu dětí)
Šilingrovo náměstí 3/4, Brno 602 00

You can file a complaint in person

Or you can file a complaint in person at the above address.


At the Umpod office, our Deputy Director Markéta Kačerová Nováková, or any other Umpod employee, will be happy to discuss the matter with you and help you draft the complaint.

Who can file a complaint?

The child or adolescent concerned

For example, Matěj (age 14), whose parents are getting a divorce and who is represented by Umpod at the court. Matěj didn’t like the way one Umpod employee treated him.

A child or adolescent who is close to the person concerned

For example, Sára (age 16), who is Matěj’s half-sister. Even though the court proceedings aren’t concerned with Sára, since she lives with her dad (who is different from Matěj’s dad), she didn’t like what Umpod submitted to the court concerning Matěj.

An adult client of Umpod

For example, Matěj's mum, who is dealing with her divorce and also caring for Matěj. She is getting help from Umpod, but she doesn’t like how long the process takes.

Another person who is close to the person represented by Umpod

For example, Matěj’s grandma, who feels that Umpod isn’t doing enough for her daughter and grandson.

Who can I complain about?

Improper behaviour of an Umpod employee

For example, if Matěj feels that an Umpod employee isn’t nice to him, or if they are trying to get him to say things he doesn’t want to say, or if they treat his family inappropriately or rudely.

Incorrect Umpod procedure

For example, Matěj might be upset that he doesn’t have enough information about what is happening, or that nobody has asked him about his opinion or wishes, or that the process is taking too long, or that he is forced to go to so many different places and meetings all the time. There could be a number of other things which he doesn’t like or which he feels should or shouldn’t be arranged by Umpod.

What should my complaint contain?

  • It must contain your name, surname, date of birth, address, or other contact info (email, or phone number).
  • It must specify what happened and what specifically you are complaining about, as accurately as possible.

    For example, where and when it happened, which Umpod employee was in charge (write their name if you know it; if not, that’s okay), what you expected the employee to do, and why your expectations were not met. Any other details you can give would be helpful.
  • It may also specify what you would like us to do in response to your complaint, or how we could do things differently in the future.

What will happen to my complaint when I send it to Umpod?

  • Within 7 days, Umpod will let you know that it has received your complaint and will deal with it soon.
  • Your complaint will be seen by the Deputy Director, Markéta Kačerová Nováková, along with at least one other employee.
  • They will read in detail your family’s file, which contains all the documents and records of what has happened in your case so far.
  • They may or may not call you, or otherwise contact you, to ask for more details about what you have written.
  • They will ask the employee who dealt with the situation how he or she sees it.

Finally, our Director, Zdeněk Kapitán, will evaluate all this information, and decide whether a rule or procedure has been violated, or whether someone at Umpod has made a mistake in some other way. He will then write back to you by post or email.

What will Umpod's answer include?

  • The answer will be signed by the Director, Zdeněk Kapitán (although the information may have been collected by other staff members).
  • In the letter, Umpod may say that it has made a mistake. In that case, we will apologise and suggest how we might fix the situation and/or what we will do to prevent something similar happening again.
  • In the letter, Umpod may also say that even though we understand and regret that you are dissatisfied, after investigating the situation we couldn’t find any mistake made by Umpod. Even in such a case, we will thank you for contacting us and sharing your thoughts.

How long does it all take?

  • Umpod must handle your complaint within 60 days (2 months). You should receive an answer from us within this time period.
  • This 2-month period may be extended only for serious reasons, and Umpod will inform you if this is the case.

Will my parents or other people learn that I have sent a complaint?

Umpod will not contact your parents about your complaint and will not ask them for any information. So if you don’t tell them, they won’t know.

But your entire complaint will be included in your file, which your parents can consult at any time, if they request. The courts have the same right. So they might find out about the complaint.

If you don’t want anything that you tell us to be communicated to your parents or to the court, then please tell us. In this case, we will put everything in a special “yellow” folder which no one has access to, and the information will become confidential.

Would it just be better not to complain at all? Could someone use my complaint against me later?

If you don’t like something that is happening to you or to someone close to you, it’s always better to speak up. Speaking clearly and directly about what you don’t like, and about what you would like instead, is a sign of healthy self-confidence.

We won’t treat you or your family differently because of your complaint. On the contrary, we will sincerely look into whether we have made a mistake (we know that everybody can make mistakes – even our lawyers or psychologists) and we will write back to you about how we see it.

If we find that we have made a mistake, we will apologise and try to remedy the problem. If we don’t find a mistake, we will try to explain the situation to you, although we understand that you may still be upset. We will do our best to make you happy with our work.

No one will use your complaint against you or your family. You have the right to complain without having such worries.

What if I don't receive an answer? Or what if I don't like Umpod's answer?

If you don’t like Umpod’s answer, and you feel that something is still wrong, you can send a complaint to one or both of the offices below. They will investigate everything further and decide if Umpod made a mistake or not.

Public Defender of Rights
A: Údolní 39, 602 00 Brno
T: 542 542 888

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
A: Na Poříčním právu 1, 128 01 Praha 2
E: podatelna:

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