Every child from birth to the age of eighteen years has rights as described in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Convention was agreed and signed by 196 state parties from around the world.

Now all these countries (including the Czech Republic) must ensure that children know about their rights and that they can really use them.

We have selected several of these rights that we think may be important to you now. You can find the complete children’s rights catalogue on this website: The Right to Childhood

Adults should make decisions in cases involving children so as to protect what is the best for children

The child has the right to be brought up by both parents and has the right to say who he wishes to live with and how.

The child has the right to know all the important information about his life, family and the situation in which he finds himself. The child has the right to say how he feels, what he thinks, and what he wishes. Everyone should listen to the child and take into account his opinion as important.

The child has the right to grow up in a family. If he can’t live with his parents, he has a right to live in a new adoptive or foster family.

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