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I need another help

Every child has the right to get help when if they are not treated well.

Every child’s story is different. Umpod is not always the best source of help. That’s why we offer links below to other professionals who help children and might be able to help you too.


Other organizations helping children

Children’s Crisis Centre (Dětské krizové centrum)

A 24/7 helpline and assistance for abused or sexually abused children and children and their families in serious life situations (e.g. violence or drugs in the family, divorce of the parents, death of a close relative, the child as a victim or witness of a crime, etc.)

Phone: fixed line: 241 484 149, mobile: 777 715 215




Hope Helpline (Linka naděje)

Psychological first aid on the phone

24/7 helpline: 532 232 333

Blue Helpline (Modrá linka, o.s.)

A centre and helpline for children and youth



Opening hours: 9:00 – 21:00; phone: 549 241 010 or 608 902 410,

Skype chat: modralinka

Children in Need Fund (Fond ohrožených dětí)

Anabell, o.s.

Assistance with eating disorders, for children with bulimia, anorexia, etc.


Crisis Centre for Children and Youth Brno (Krizové centrum pro děti a dospívající Brno)

Address: Hapalova 4

Spondea at CRC Brno, charity organisation (Spondea při ČČK Brno, o.p.s.)

A crisis centre for children and youth

An intervention centre for persons threatened with violence


Crisis Centre of the Psychiatric Clinic, University Hospital Brno Bohunice

The first psychiatric and psychological help in losing mental balance, in sadness, and hopelessness in crisis life situations

Phone: 532 232 078 – 24/7 helpline